Friday, September 18, 2015

Rockcast Friday.09.18.15a; Warrant, Hollywood Vampires, Buckcherry, Foreigners, Crazytown, Z Z Ward, Steve Forbett, Lunch Money Lewis, Vintage Trouble, Don Covay, Boom Bap Pow, Swinging Erudites, Christian Dozzler and Texas Johnny Boy, Santana with Naz and Robyn Troup, Humble Pie, Cowboy Mouth,

Is it just me or is the truth being put aside in an attempt
to tell the people what they want to hear? It seemed like
that to me as I watched the republicans debate the Donald.
I found myself yelling at the T.V. and that was after only
three minutes. Republicans must be scratching their heads
after that train wreck.

1. Warrants Ode To Tipper Gore
2. Hollywood Vampires - I Got A Line On You
3. Buckcherry - Wood
4. Foreigner - Cold As Ice [Acoustic Version]
5. Foreigner - Feels Like The First Time [Big AL Duo Mix]
6. Crazytown - Born To Raise Hell
7. Z Z Ward - Love 3X
8. Steve Forbett - Romeos Tune
9. Lunch Money Lewis - Bills
10. Vintage Trouble - Another Baby
11. Don Covay - Mercy Mercy
12. Boom Bap Pow - Suit
13. Swinging Erudites - Walk With An Erection
14. Christian Dozzler and Texas Johnny Boy - Walkin'
15. Santana with Naz and Robyn Troup - Back In Black
16. Humble Pie - One Eyed trouser Snake Boogie
17. Cowboy Mouth - Why You Wanna Do Me

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