Thursday, March 26, 2015

Rockcast Friday.03.26.15a; Pearl Jam, Minus 5, Never Shout Never, Aerosmith, Z Z Top. Terry Reid, Launderettes, Vibeke Saugestad, Billy Corgan, Roy Orbison, Robert Palmer, Kansas, Wet, Stevie Salas

 Living on the third coast of America, the Gulf of Mexico
shoreline of Texas to the uninitiated. It is a great idea if you
own a home to have flood insurance. This is controlled for
whatever stupid reason by the good ole U.S. Gov'mnt. They
send out an invoice once a year, shabbily printed on newsprint.
It is easy to think it is a scam being run out of someone's
garage. With this in mind I was thinking exactly that when I
received a letter purportedly from the flood insurance folks.
It looked like a form letter that was copied over and over. It
stated that unless I sent them all kinds of private information
they would tack on an additional $250. to the premium. Now
if you comply and send them all the information they request
they will give you the privilege of only adding $25. to your bill.
It was that last part that got me thinking this is stooped enough
to be real and not a scam. So I called my insurance agent who
also happens to be a good friend for the last 35 years. He was
shaking his head when he explained to me it was indeed a valid
letter from the flood insurance chuckleheads. I informed him I
was not going to give them all the things they asked for such as
where you bank or where your kids go to school or how many
cars do you have and proof of insurance. My man informed me
to just send a copy of my drivers license as proof of residency.
 So if you get flood insurance each year and get one of these
letters check it out. Could save you $250. I should of known
it was the government the word "received" is misspelled all
through out the letter. Enough of that, crank it up.


1. Pearl Jam - Supersonic
2. Minus 5 - My Generation
3. Never Shout Never - Sweet Perfection
4. Aerosmith - Shame Shame Shame
5. Z Z Top - Beer Drinkers and Hell Raisers
6. Terry Reid - No Good Situation
7. Launderettes - What Would Joan Jett Do?
8. Vibeke Suagestad - S.L.U.G.
9. Billy Corgan - Now And Then
10. Roy Orbison - You Got It
11. Robert Palmer - Johnny and Mary
12. Kansas - Icarus [Born On Wings of Steel]
13. Wet - Machinery
14. Stevie Salas - What It Was To Be What It Is 

Friday, March 20, 2015

Rockcast Friday.03.20.15a; Brandi Carlyle, The Makers, Olly Muhrs, Led Zeppilin, The Eels, Will Butler, Alvin Crow and The Pleasant Valley Boys, Never Shout Never, Hook Society, Awolnation, Billy Preston, Electric Light Orchestra, Fences, Swervedriver

 Spring has sprung here in the big H Town.
Pollen so thick all the cars have a yellowish
tint all over them. Allergy season as it is known .
I mention this because as you know if you have
ever suffered with seasonal allergies it can be rough.
I personally have not had a hard time before this year.
I don't know what it is but there is 50,-60% more pollen
in the air this year. So thick I was cleaning of the sidewalk
with a bandito bandana across my face. So take a deep breath,
and turn this way up loud.


1. Brandi Carlyle - Mainstream Kid
2. The Makers - Looking For Supergirl
3. Olly Muhrs - Did You Miss Me
4. Led Zeppelin - Trampled Underfoot
5. The Eels - Fresh Blood
6. Will Butler - Take My Side
7. Alvin Crow and The Pleasant Valley Boys - Nyquil Blues
8. Never Shout Never - On The Brightside
9. Hook Society - We've Arrived
10. Awolnation - Hollow Moon [Bad Wolf]
11. Billy Preston - Will It Go Round In Circles
12. Electric Light Orchestra - Shangri La
13. Fences - Songs About Angels
14. Swervedrivers - Autodidact