Monday, April 27, 2015

Rockcast Tuesday.04.27.15a; Peaches. Fitz and The Tantrum, Hall and Oates, Flaming Lips, Boomtown Rats, Red City Radio, Billy Joel, Electric Light Orchestra, Hank Williams III, David Byrnes, Black Oak Arkansas, William Shatner with Ben Folds and Joe Jackson. Monkees, Lemon Pipers, Chicago, Panic At The Disco

The City of Baltimore's Police have a reputation for cuffing
and stuffing perps in the back of squad cars and going on a Baja
run tossing their passengers cuffed in the back to some brutal
punishment before the even get to jail. To the tune of almost $6
million American dollars has been spent in the last few years for
settlements in law suits against the cops. So it came as no surprise
that when the mysterious back injury occurred to Mr. Gray [which
he eventually died from] that none of the good folks in Baltimore
or myself didn't suspect a rough ride to the cop shop. I know many
great folk from Baltimore, in fact never met someone from there I
 just didn't right away get along with. Blue collar hard working city
of 600,000 has been a powder keg for years with many internal and
external problems. Racial tension and just good folks struggling to
live may be a key factor in the looting that followed. Or is that the
excuse used to justify the looting? I understand the guys covering
their faces from gas being tossed at them while they stand in a row
couping with the police. What I don't understand is the guy running
down the street with a flat screen T.V Guess he needed it to watch
what was going on in his town. The guys who stole all the shoes from
the local sporting goods store in the process ruining a couples life
and dream, why they needed those shoes so the could run from the


1. Peaches - Boys Wanna Be Her
2. Fitz and The Tantrum - The Walker [Big AL Aston Vice Mix]
3. Hall and Oates - Standing In The Shadows Of Love
4. Flaming Lips - The Yeah Yeah Yeah Song
5. Boomtown Rats - My Blues Away [1975 Live Demo]
6. Red City Radio - Rest Easy
7. Billy Joel - Maybe I'm Amazed
8. Electric Light Orchestra - Wild West Hero
9. Hank Williams III - Ruby Get Back To The Hills
10. David Byrnes - Don't Fence Me In
11. Black Oak Arkansas - Post Toasty
12. William Shatner - Ben Folds - Joe Jackson - Common People
13. The Monkees - Michigan Blackhawk
14. Lemon Pipers - Green Tambourine [Big AL Tam Git Fiddle Mix]
15. Chicago - Questions 67 and 68
16. Panic At The Disco - Hallelujah

Thursday, April 23, 2015

Rockcast Thursday.04.23.15a; Barry Goudreau, The Hollies, Gary O, 10cc, Whitesnake, Breaking Benjamin, John Lodge, Moody Blues, Bad Company, Charlie, Low Cut Connie, Quireboys, Sammy Hagar, Blasters, Mumford and Son

  Man my Wife got caught by the old red light camera, again.
Only a week after my son ran a red light in the same little burb
and I received a ticket in the mail in my name because he was
driving a car in my name. Red light cameras have been banned
in Houston and most of the burbs except for Humble. [Texas pro-
nounciation ; "Umble"] H town has more big dollar lawyers hence
no cameras. When you get the ticket they send you to a site with the
evidence. You can watch yourself blow through red lights. [Everyone
who sees the video of themselves always remember the event.]
The problem with the cameras is they violate your constitutional right
to confront your accuser. Although it was a right turn on a red light
which she can do but you must come to a stop first like a yield.
I know its making the little burb money I figured because the cameras
go off with a flash recording both stills and video of your offense.
Then I find out it's run by a company out of Europe and they make
the lions share of the profits. That is unacceptable, it's gotta go.
Texas Legislative body has a bill attempting to make cameras illegal
in the state. Which is probably the only thing that will stop Humble.
People voted no for cameras in the county. They went dark for a few
months before the burbs lawyers figured a way around it. Use to be
you could say the people have spoken. Not anymore.

1. Barry Goudreau and Brad Delp - Mean Woman Blues
2. The Hollies - Pay You Back With Interest
3. Gary O' - Pay You Back With Interest
4. 10 cc - Bus Stop
5. Whitesnake - Stormbringer
6. Breaking Benjamin - Angels Fall
7. John Lodge - 10,000 Light Years Ago
8. Moody Blues - I'm Just A Singer In A Rock and Roll Band
9. Bad Company - Feel Like Making Love [Big AL Stone Cold Mix]
10. Charlie - Johnny Hold Back
11. Low Cut Connie - Who The Hell Is Tina/ Shake It Little Tina
12. Quireboys - Out Of Your Mind
13. Sammy Hagar - Halfway To Memphis
14. Blasters - Blue Shadow
15. Mumford and Sons - The Wolf

Thursday, April 16, 2015

Rockcast Thursday.04.16.15a; Teenage Bottle Rockets, Ian Lloyd, Stories, Grateful Dead, Foghat, Ringo Starr, The Weepies,Tommy Henriksen, Todd Rundgren, The Vaccines, The Cars, Alabama Shakes, Blues Traveler with Plain White T's, Peter Frampton

All this talk about putting a woman on the front of the U.S.
twenty dollar bill is hogwash. Better the gov'ment should
give them the twenty dollars instead. It is a statistical fact in
Houston Texas that a woman makes 73 cents to every dollar
a man makes. Wouldn't you want your wife or daughter to get
equal pay as men they work along side in same positions. Enough
with all this change a twenty dollar bill garbage. Just give equal
pay to women, and stop fartin' around congress.


1. Teenage Bottle Rockets - Nothing Else Matters
2. Ian Lloyd - Open Soul Surgery
3. Stories - Brother Louie [Big AL Mix]
4. Grateful Dead - Truckin'
5. Foghat - Save Your Lovin' For Me
6. Ringo Starr - You Bring The Party Down
7. The Weepies - No Trouble
8. Tommy Henriksen - We Let It Rock
9. Todd Rundgren - Evrybody
10. The Vaccines - Dream Lover
11. The Cars - It's All I Can Do [Big AL Restore Mix]
12. Alabama Shakes - Future People
13. Blues Traveler with Plain White T's - Nikkias Prom
14. Peter Frampton - I'll Give You Money [Restore Mix]
15. Peter Frampton - The One In 901

Thursday, April 09, 2015

Rockcast Thursday.04.09.15a; Tommy Henriksen, Parade Of Losers, George Harrison, The Beatles, Grateful Dead, Brian Wilson with Nate Ruess, Agent Side Grinder, The Cars, Quireboys, Mark Knopfler, Bob Dylan, Charlie Daniels Band, Billy Joel, John Butler Trio, Joe Jackson, Toto

Well finally Marchs madness is over. That means the
taxman comeith. April 15 is the deadline as usual it will
be an extraordinary day at the post office. I was all finish
with mine and the gov'mnt owed me car wash money. Then
I realized I have forgot to add in something. With one key
stroke I went from the black , back to the red by a considerable
amount. That sucked. My question to you is, If you knew the
odds were in your favor and the i.r.s. would never find out would
you just forgetaboutit and take your chances? I already have my
answer just wondering what others would do. Enough of that, let's
get it. loudly please.


1. Tommy Henriksen - Boys Just Wanna Have Sex
2. Parade Of Losers - Stupid
3. George Harrison - All Things Must Pass [1969 Beatles recording]
4. Beatles - Milkman Bring Me No More Blues
5. Beatles - Get Back [Rooftop Take 3]
6. Grateful Dead - Dark Star
7. Brian Wilson with Nate Ruess - Saturday Night
8. Agent Side Grinder - This Is Us
9. The Cars - Shoo Be Doo/ Candy O
10. Quireboys - St. Cecelia
11. Mark Knopfler - Beryl
12. Bob Dylan - Candy Man
13. Charlie Daniels Band - Tangled Up And Blue
14. Billy Joel - Travelin' Prayer
15. John Butler Trio - Spring To Come
16. Joe Jackson - Don't Look Back
17. Toto - Running Out Of Time

Thursday, April 02, 2015

Rockcast Thursday.04.02.15a; Eagles Of death Metal, Jesse Malin, Three Days Grace,Ringo Starr, George Ezra, Roy Orbison, Mavericks, Marilyn Martin, Stevie Nicks, Gov't Mule

 So I am watching a classic looney tunes marathon. Cartoons
we all have watched hundreds of times over the years. Seeing
the toons back to back there is one thing that sticks out, the
fact Bugs Bunny likes to dress as a woman as often as he can.
The rest of the time he prefers to run around naked eating carrots.
 My youngest sister tells me she has known all along Bugs was a
cross dresser. If you are like me you grew up with Bugs. Goes
to show you think you know somebody and...


1. Eagles Of Death Metal - Cherry Cola
2. Jesse Malin - Turn Up The Main
3. Three Days Grace - Human Race
4. Ringo Starr - Rory and The Hurricanes
5. George Ezra - Budapest [Big AL Mix]
6. Roy Orbison - Ride Away
7. The Mavericks - All Night Long
8. Marilyn Martin - Sorcerer
9. Stevie Nicks - Sorcerer
10. Stevie Nicks - Rock and Rol
11. Gov't Mule - Turn On Your Love Light