Thursday, April 09, 2015

Rockcast Thursday.04.09.15a; Tommy Henriksen, Parade Of Losers, George Harrison, The Beatles, Grateful Dead, Brian Wilson with Nate Ruess, Agent Side Grinder, The Cars, Quireboys, Mark Knopfler, Bob Dylan, Charlie Daniels Band, Billy Joel, John Butler Trio, Joe Jackson, Toto

Well finally Marchs madness is over. That means the
taxman comeith. April 15 is the deadline as usual it will
be an extraordinary day at the post office. I was all finish
with mine and the gov'mnt owed me car wash money. Then
I realized I have forgot to add in something. With one key
stroke I went from the black , back to the red by a considerable
amount. That sucked. My question to you is, If you knew the
odds were in your favor and the i.r.s. would never find out would
you just forgetaboutit and take your chances? I already have my
answer just wondering what others would do. Enough of that, let's
get it. loudly please.


1. Tommy Henriksen - Boys Just Wanna Have Sex
2. Parade Of Losers - Stupid
3. George Harrison - All Things Must Pass [1969 Beatles recording]
4. Beatles - Milkman Bring Me No More Blues
5. Beatles - Get Back [Rooftop Take 3]
6. Grateful Dead - Dark Star
7. Brian Wilson with Nate Ruess - Saturday Night
8. Agent Side Grinder - This Is Us
9. The Cars - Shoo Be Doo/ Candy O
10. Quireboys - St. Cecelia
11. Mark Knopfler - Beryl
12. Bob Dylan - Candy Man
13. Charlie Daniels Band - Tangled Up And Blue
14. Billy Joel - Travelin' Prayer
15. John Butler Trio - Spring To Come
16. Joe Jackson - Don't Look Back
17. Toto - Running Out Of Time

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