Friday, June 19, 2015

Rockcast Friday.06.19.15a; Cheeseburger, Clutch, Electric Light Orchestra, Meatloaf, Sounds Of System Breakdown, Cripple Creek Fairies, The Sea, David Essex, John Lennon, Grace Potter and The Nocturnals, Robert Palmer, Sister Sledge, Johnnie Crocker, Quireboys

 Again senseless hate crime in the deep south. The tragedy in
south carolina breaks my heart. I shake me head believing people
in the twenty first century are still teaching their kids such ignorant
hatred. So this rebel flag waving sack of shit spouts his hatred while
murdering good folk who were making a great difference in their own
community and beyond. Breaks my heart. The ignorant state of south
carolina in a show of what they called respect lower the American and
state flag to half mast. Yet the rebel flag, not a sign of culture but a sign
of hatred on the level of a swastika is still flying high over the state capitol .
The state claims only a law change can lower it. What complete tripe. The
state should of done it considering one of their own senators was one of
the victims. You may notice I didn't capitalize the name of this ignorant
state. Intentional, they deserve no respect what so ever. Shame on that
lousy state and it's ignorant haters. It's time for that flag to go. Join the
21st century. It's halfway to the third decade for Pete's sake.

1. Cheeseburger - Winner
2. Clutch - Electric Worry
3. Electric Light Orchestra - Destination Unknown
4. Meatloaf - Life Is A Lemon and I Want My Money Back
5. Sounds Of System Breakdown - Vinegar Joe
6. Cripple Creek Fairies - The Fist
7. The Sea - The Great I Am
8. David Essex - Rock On
9. John Lennon - Do You Want To Dance
10. Robert Palmer - Sneaking Sally Through The Alley
11. Sister Sledge - Sneaking Sally Through The Alley
12. Johnnie Crocker - Sneaking Sally Through The Alley
13. Quireboys - Need You Bad

Saturday, June 13, 2015

Rockcast Saturday.06.13.15a; Cowboy Mouth, Rolling Stones, Meatloaf, J Geils Band, Humm mm, Barenaked Ladies, Tom Petty, Neil Young and Promise Of The Real, REO Speedwagon, Kentucky Headhunters and Johnny Johnson, Raspberries, Elephant Stone, Louis XIV, Billy Idol

 After two weeks of dry the rains have returned. So a
great time to post some party tunes. Enjoy loudly.

1. Cowboy Mouth - Tell The Girl Ur Sorry
2. Rolling Stones and Eric Clapton - Brown Sugar
3. Meatloaf - Los Angeloser
4. J. Geils Band - Just Can't Stop Me
5. Humm mm - Savannah
6. Barenaked Ladies - Duct Tape Heart
7. Tom Petty - Somewhere Under Heaven
8. Neil Young and Promise Of The Real - A New Day For Love
9. REO Speedwagon - Little Queenie
10. Kentucky Headhunters and Johnnie Johnson - Stumblin'
11. Raspberries - On The Beach
12. Elephant Stone - Echo and The Machine
13. Louis XIV - Finding Out Love Is Blind
14. Billy Idol - Plastic Jesus

Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Rockcast Wednesday.06.10.15a; Click 5, Me First and The Gimme Gimmes, Five Stairsteps, Raspberries, Sweet Apple, Monkees, Pete Townsend, Ronnie Lane, Wondermints, Louis XIV, Kansas, Alice Cooper, Mungo Jerry, Cheeseburger, Creation, Southern Culture On The Skids, Eddie Phillips, Cripple Creek Faries

Remember the earth quakes a few weeks back? Devastation
everywhere, lives lost, horrible event. Now comes word that
about ten people have been arrested and charged with causing
the earth quake. according to the charges the group started the
disaster by stripping down naked and posing for pictures in front
of the sacred mountains. The country's learned scientist came to
this conclusion? What planet are they from? Suggestions?

1. Click Five - Just The Girl
2. Me First and The Gimme Gimmes - Me and Julio Down By The Schoolyard
3. Five Stairsteps - Ooh Child
4. Raspberries - Ectasy
5. Sweet Apple - Wish You Could Stay [A Little Longer]
6. Monkees - You May Just Be The One
7. Pete Townsend with Ronnie Lane - Let My Love Open The Door
8. Wondermints - Arnaldo Said
9. Louis XIV - Ball Of Twine
10. Kansas - Cheyenne Anthem
11. Alice Cooper - Generation Landslide
12. Mungo Jerry - Summertime [Big AL True Stereo Mix '99]
13. Cheeseburger - Commin' Home
14. Creation - Biff Bang Pow
15. Southern Culture On The Skids - Biff Bang Pow
16. Eddie Phillips - Biff Bang Pow
17. Cripple Creek Fairies - Biff Bang Pow
16. Eddie Phillips - Biff Bang Pow

Wednesday, June 03, 2015

Rockcast Wednesday.06.03.15a; Los Straitjackets, Primevels, Wolfmother, Racontuers, Faux Ferocious, Neon Indian, REO Speedwagon, Unknown Mortal Orchestra, Weird AL Yankovic, Dr. Feelgood, Rolling Stones, Rod Stewart, Kings, Bob Seger, Dynamite Hack, Ace Frehley

Once again the proof of our eroding liberty rears
it's ugly head. High School graduation is suppose to be
a joyous occasion. Cause for celebration not incarceration
Someone should tell the back wood Neanderthal thinking
of a Mississippi school superintendent. During his schools
ceremony he asked the crowd to hold their applause until
all the names had been called. As is usual some folks don't
think the rules or laws pertain to them. So when their child's
name was called they cheered. The Super had warrants swore
out against the three folks who cheered and they were arrested
for trumped up charges. The graduation I happened to attend
a similar announcement was made about the use of canned
air horns. Still some people blew them off. Now a canned air
horn is major. Cheering is not. Shame on that idiot who had
these people tossed in the hoosegow. You want to talk about
criminal behavior? How about the fact NRG Stadium charged
everybody $12. to park in a lot miles away from the event.
 That's criminal.

1. Los Straitjackets - Telestar
2. Primevals - My Emancipation
3. Wolfmother - Where Eagles Been
4. Raconteurs - Yellow Sun
5. Faux Ferocious - School Dates
6. Neon Indian - Annie
7. REO Speedwagon - Reelin'
8. Unknown Mortal Orchestra - Ur Life One Night
9. Weird Al Yankovic - Beverly Hillbillies
10. Dr. Feelgood - No Mo Doe Yakamo
11. Rolling Stones - Dead Flowers [Country Version]
12. Rod Stewart - Three Time Loser
13. Kings - Got Two Girlfriend
14. Bob Seger - Turn On Your Love Light
15. Dynamite Hack - Topless Girl
16. Ace Frehley - Do Ya