Wednesday, June 03, 2015

Rockcast Wednesday.06.03.15a; Los Straitjackets, Primevels, Wolfmother, Racontuers, Faux Ferocious, Neon Indian, REO Speedwagon, Unknown Mortal Orchestra, Weird AL Yankovic, Dr. Feelgood, Rolling Stones, Rod Stewart, Kings, Bob Seger, Dynamite Hack, Ace Frehley

Once again the proof of our eroding liberty rears
it's ugly head. High School graduation is suppose to be
a joyous occasion. Cause for celebration not incarceration
Someone should tell the back wood Neanderthal thinking
of a Mississippi school superintendent. During his schools
ceremony he asked the crowd to hold their applause until
all the names had been called. As is usual some folks don't
think the rules or laws pertain to them. So when their child's
name was called they cheered. The Super had warrants swore
out against the three folks who cheered and they were arrested
for trumped up charges. The graduation I happened to attend
a similar announcement was made about the use of canned
air horns. Still some people blew them off. Now a canned air
horn is major. Cheering is not. Shame on that idiot who had
these people tossed in the hoosegow. You want to talk about
criminal behavior? How about the fact NRG Stadium charged
everybody $12. to park in a lot miles away from the event.
 That's criminal.

1. Los Straitjackets - Telestar
2. Primevals - My Emancipation
3. Wolfmother - Where Eagles Been
4. Raconteurs - Yellow Sun
5. Faux Ferocious - School Dates
6. Neon Indian - Annie
7. REO Speedwagon - Reelin'
8. Unknown Mortal Orchestra - Ur Life One Night
9. Weird Al Yankovic - Beverly Hillbillies
10. Dr. Feelgood - No Mo Doe Yakamo
11. Rolling Stones - Dead Flowers [Country Version]
12. Rod Stewart - Three Time Loser
13. Kings - Got Two Girlfriend
14. Bob Seger - Turn On Your Love Light
15. Dynamite Hack - Topless Girl
16. Ace Frehley - Do Ya

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blisterstix said...

stellar set Big. You still rock it.