Monday, November 11, 2013

Rockcast Monday.11.11.13a; A Tribute to Lou Reed. Starring Lou Reed, The Little Willies, The Primitives, The Killers, Simple Minds and The Velvet Underground

I remember as a teenager having the opportunity to meet Lou Reed. I was afraid to
approach him because the man had this steel eyed gaze and stern look that made him
scary to me. I was convinced that day the man was a force of nature. Being into the
guitar players of the day I was completely impressed by his playing. He was a very
underrated guitarist. His deadpan vocals were by no means Robert Plant but it allowed
normal guys like you and me to sing along without straining a cajones. Of course all
of us have at one time or another sang "Hey Babe, take a walk on the wild side"...
It wasn't until a decade later my roomie Tom Quieros [Props Tommy Q!] reintroduced
me to Lou's music catalog. Truly an American original and one of the great twentieth
century story teller songwriters. Listen to this set and you will hear what I'm saying.
God Bless ya Lou!

1. Lou Reed - Intro/ Sweet Jane
2. The Little Willies - Lou Reed
3. Lou Reed - Halloween Parade
4. Lou Reed - I'm So Free
5. Lou Reed - Sally Can't Dance No More
6. Lou Reed - Perfect Day
7. The Primitives - The Ostrich
8. Velvet Underground - Rock and Roll
9. Lou Reed - Hooky Wooky
10. The Killers and Lou Reed - Tranquilize
11. Lou Reed - Egg Cream
12. Lou Reed - Coney Island Baby
13. Lou Reed - This Is Your Land
14. Lou Reed - Heroin [Live]
15. Lou Reed - How Do You Think It Feels
16. Velvet Undergound - Sweet Jane
17. Lou Reed - Walk On The Wild Side
18. Lou Reed - Vicious