Monday, April 27, 2015

Rockcast Tuesday.04.27.15a; Peaches. Fitz and The Tantrum, Hall and Oates, Flaming Lips, Boomtown Rats, Red City Radio, Billy Joel, Electric Light Orchestra, Hank Williams III, David Byrnes, Black Oak Arkansas, William Shatner with Ben Folds and Joe Jackson. Monkees, Lemon Pipers, Chicago, Panic At The Disco

The City of Baltimore's Police have a reputation for cuffing
and stuffing perps in the back of squad cars and going on a Baja
run tossing their passengers cuffed in the back to some brutal
punishment before the even get to jail. To the tune of almost $6
million American dollars has been spent in the last few years for
settlements in law suits against the cops. So it came as no surprise
that when the mysterious back injury occurred to Mr. Gray [which
he eventually died from] that none of the good folks in Baltimore
or myself didn't suspect a rough ride to the cop shop. I know many
great folk from Baltimore, in fact never met someone from there I
 just didn't right away get along with. Blue collar hard working city
of 600,000 has been a powder keg for years with many internal and
external problems. Racial tension and just good folks struggling to
live may be a key factor in the looting that followed. Or is that the
excuse used to justify the looting? I understand the guys covering
their faces from gas being tossed at them while they stand in a row
couping with the police. What I don't understand is the guy running
down the street with a flat screen T.V Guess he needed it to watch
what was going on in his town. The guys who stole all the shoes from
the local sporting goods store in the process ruining a couples life
and dream, why they needed those shoes so the could run from the


1. Peaches - Boys Wanna Be Her
2. Fitz and The Tantrum - The Walker [Big AL Aston Vice Mix]
3. Hall and Oates - Standing In The Shadows Of Love
4. Flaming Lips - The Yeah Yeah Yeah Song
5. Boomtown Rats - My Blues Away [1975 Live Demo]
6. Red City Radio - Rest Easy
7. Billy Joel - Maybe I'm Amazed
8. Electric Light Orchestra - Wild West Hero
9. Hank Williams III - Ruby Get Back To The Hills
10. David Byrnes - Don't Fence Me In
11. Black Oak Arkansas - Post Toasty
12. William Shatner - Ben Folds - Joe Jackson - Common People
13. The Monkees - Michigan Blackhawk
14. Lemon Pipers - Green Tambourine [Big AL Tam Git Fiddle Mix]
15. Chicago - Questions 67 and 68
16. Panic At The Disco - Hallelujah

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