Friday, September 04, 2015

Rockcast Friday.09.04.15a; Highly Suspect, Pearl Jam, Pop Evil, Led Zeppelin, Electric Light Orchestra, The Sword, Sublime with Rome, Crazytown, Cheap Trick, Bill Wyman, The White Buffalo, Widesoread Panic, Ashley Hamilton, Buckcherry

Jade Helm has left Texas with no media coverage.
No Jade Helm is not a former stripper but the name
of the Army maneuvers held in Texas. Liars like Cruz
and lame media tried to convince the people that the U.S.
Army was going to invade and take over Texas as well as
imprison undesirables at abandoned Wal-Mart's. First the
army can't invade their own country. Texas been a state for
over 180 years. Second, who ever heard of an abandoned
sprawl mart? Well that didn't stop the Gov'ner of the great
state from having the national guard monitor the movements
of the Army. (Or so they say, I personally find this to be
untrue.) The actual reason for troop exercises in the arid part
of Texas was for acclimation to climates they will no doubt
be thrown into. Still the invasion LIE dropped landing gear
and ran all over the truth as it sailed down the runway of
inciting paranoia in the populace. Shame to those responsible
who have no shame, lame stream media.

1. Highly Suspect - Claudeland
2. Pearl Jam - Worldwide Suicide
3. Pop Evil - Footsteps/ Ways To Get High
4. Led Zeppelin - Bonzo's Montreux
5. Electric Light Orchestra - Showdown [Jeff Lynne Mix]
6. The Sword - Unicorn Farm/ Empty Temples
7. Sublime and Rome with Dirty Heads - Sirens
8. Crazytown - Come Inside
9. Cheap Trick - C'mon C'mon
10. Bill Wyman - Stuff
11. The White Buffalo - Go The Distance
12. Widespread Panic - Street Dogs For Breakfast
13. Ashley Hamilton - S'all Good
14. Buckcherry - Bring It On Back

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