Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Rockcast Wednesday.10.23.13a; Z Z Top, Paul McCartney, Elephant Stone, Kenny Wayne Shepherd, James L. Venable, Puddle Of Mudd, Pretenders, Pearl Jam, Paranoid Social Club, Doktor Noise, Bowling For Soup, Del The Funky Homosapien, Sleepy Sun, Teddy Bears, Shiver Fox, Airborne Toxic Event

In Texas football is next to God. Friday night lights is a
real deal. Last Friday night the Aledeo football team beat
the opponent 91 - 0. Sure that's surprising but not the rant.
Now some parents of the opposition has filed a complaint.
In the complaint parents say because their little JimBobs
are so bad at football the other team should have taken it
easy on the losers. The go on to accuse the winning team
of bullying their kids by scoring 91 points. Bullying?
really?! There is no mercy rule in Texas high school football.
You take your lumps. Also when kids who don't normally
get to play get in to a game it's hard to ask them to not score
or do their best. Bullying is of course a problem in the main
stream today and many are acting on preventing and stopping
it. That's fantastic and I am all for it but the word gets tossed
out there to often these days. It's now to the point where if a
person is assertive over an issue to another they play that card.
or if their kid gets massacred in a football game. Those bullies
ran over my kids team! Probably the same people who don't
keep score and gives everybody a trophy just for participating.
Kind of defeats the purpose of the word "Sport", doesn't it?


1. Z Z Top - Party On The Patio [Big AL Accidental Mix 4]
2. Paul McCartney - Save Us
3. Elephant Stone - Setting Sun
4. Kenny Wayne Shepherd Band - Butterfly
5. James L. Venable - Necking On The Swings
6. Puddle Of Mudd - She Hates Me [Big AL Lose Control Mix]
7. The Pretenders - Boots Of Chinese Plastic
8. Pearl Jam - Getaway
9. Paranoid Social Club - Wasted [Rockcast Beerfest Mix]
10. Doktor Noise - Not Afraid
11. Bowling For Soup - No Hablo Ingles
12. Del The Funky Homosapien - Dr. Bombay
13. Sleepy Sun - The Lane
14. Teddy Bears - Cobra Style
15. Shiver Fox - Lady Liberty
16. Airborne Toxic Event - Hell and Back

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Abrel Nom said...

An Amazing set! I was so into it I had forgotten what I was listening to. Several times I found myself going "damn that's good". Well done sir.
New listener,