Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Big AL ' O ' Ween 2013 ; Ministry, Deep Purple, Marilyn Manson, Rob Zombie, Eric Burdon and The Animals, Concrete Blonde, WhoDini, James Dooley, Blue Oyster Cult, Tombstones, Guess Who, Warren Zevon, The Pack A.D., Rocky Horror Picture Show Cast, Rolling Stones, Alice Cooper, Michael Jackson

1. Ministry - Everyday Is Halloween
2. Deep Purple - Vincent Price
3. Marilyn Manson - I Put A Spell On You
4. Rob Zombie - I'm Your Boogie Man
5. Eric Burden and The Animals - Run For Your Life
6. Concrete Blonde - Bloodletting [The Vampire Song]
7. WhoDini - Freaks Come Out At Night
8. James Dooley - Dark March
9. Blue Oyster Cult - I Love The Night
10. Tombstones - Monster Mash
11. Guess Who - Clap For The Wolfman
12. Warren Zevon - Werewolves Of London
13. The Pack A.D. - Wolves and Werewolves
14. Rocky Horror Picture Show Cast - The Time Warp [Rockcast Style]
15. Rolling Stones - Sympathy For The Devil [Fatboy Slim Remix]
16. Alice Cooper - Feed My Frankenstein
17. Michael Jackson's Thriller Rockcast Mix 667

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Dear Big AL,

I was too slow once again. Story of my life. Cool set from what I read. And a cool icon. My favourite Lou Reed song is New York Telephone Conversation. I fell in eternal love with that one the first time I heared it and that was, um, veery long ago. And now the recently outdated comment.

Hello? Anybody home? I assume the lawsuit keeps you away from Rockcast. Quite understandable, that stuff works like a time machine. Really, it turns minutes to days, as I know from experience. Good luck with that, in the literal sense.

So time for some old shows, while you are working on - I think - a farewell set for the man who left this plane for all tomorrow's parties. Hey, I bet a lot of people are now feverishly writing his biography, because only the first one can be titled A Walk On The Wild Side. Slogans, hm, you know, sometimes something you say on Rockcast takes residence in my memory. Bang it's there and obviously for ever. Every time I hear the song played or just think about it the comment pops up like a window on the computer. Example? "How the hell did it ever not make it on the album?" Veteran Cosmic Rocker, of course. The song is not actually complete without that. By the way, lately I actually read the lyrics. Mondegreen time. They sing "His love is Rock'n Roll". I heared "His love is a pinball". The things you did a lot when you were young seem to have some lingering effect, at least with me. Hey, pinball in amusement halls, how do you explain that to younger folks today? Back in the time before Atari, B.A. like in B.C.? That sounds a tad ancient, doesn't it? Makes me feel like I'm Barney Rubble. Huh huh huh.

Speaking of cosmic, no no, not Cosmic Blues again. But I came across Wolfmother - Cosmic Egg. From the album Cosmic Egg. You played California Queen from that one. But the title track is also not bad. A liitle less stoned, some prog and plenty of the pounding rhythms, one of the trademarks of the band. As an old Rockcaster I would say "A waste if you don't turn it up" And a big fat hell yeah after that.

Hey, since everybody is mixing everything with everything right now, a clap along song that made my jaw drop. Jonny Lang - Blew Up The House. Earworm alert, obnoxious and from the least expected artist for a Disco song. Simply cool. Complete with a Fleetwood Mac like intro. Come on, what's gonna happen next? The Stones play Disco, or what? Ha, ha... Wait, elderly folks may remember they already did that thirty-five years ago. At the time you had to hate it. Miss You was one of the songs you could only listen to on headphones. And don't get caught by the style police. And agreed, Emotional Rescue, the world could have done without that.

Talking of 1978 (and Disco and bad), did Sarah Brigthman & Hot Gossip - I Lost My Heart To A Starship Trooper ever make it to the US? Man, if had been caught listening to that back in the time, I'd have had to relocate within hours. That was one of the best hated songs of the year for the long-haired, hard-boiled Aerosmith fan. Hm, though I know one person who was a fan, even at the time. Got him some kicks - both ways, the world wasn't ready for gay pride yet. And he, by the way, is a Lou Reed fan. And I'm rambling on again. Some things never change.

Keep on rockin the free world