Friday, October 06, 2017

Rockcast Friday.10.06.17a; Skeewiff, Soraia, Woggles, Guess Who, Black Pistol Fire, Almost Kings, Jet, Joan Jett and The Blackhearts, 10 Years, Death By Unga Bunga, The Duke Spirit, Sweet, 10CC, Lords Of Altamont, Rolling Stones

1. Skeewiff - Man Of Constant Sorrow
2. Soraia - Quicksand
3. The Woggles - Waiting For The Rain/ Pitch A Fit
4. Guess Who - Rain Dance
5. Black Pistol Fire - Bully
6. Almost Kings - That Tequila
7. Jet - Bring It On Back
8. Joan Jett and The Blackhearts - Love Is All Around
9. 10 Years - Novacaine
10. Death By Unga Bunga - Bye Bye
11. The Duke Spirit - Houses
12. Sweet - Fox On The Run [Rockcast Mix]
13. 10cc - Channel Swimmer
14. Lords Of Altamont - Take A Walk
15. Rolling Stones - Sing This All Together [Rockcast Mix 2017]


Anonymous said...

Dear Big AL,

now he's got wings and coming down isn't the hardest thing anymore. It's sadly impossible. If I'm not totally misguided you are working on a tribute set for one Thomas Earl Petty. If you're not, why? I mean, the man was a constant on Rockcast like Fleetwood Mac, Aerosmith or The Stones. Or Kid Rock, Bob Seeger or Iggy. Not to mention Vincent or Peter Green (or Shaka Ponk, hehe). Plus: he who doesn't sing along to Running Down A Dream is dead! Okay, the body might still work, but the brain is obviously dead.

You could, of course, just play Full Moon Fever as a whole. And talk, like oviously everybody else, a lot about Jeff Lynne and slick pop production. But there's more in this than that, my friend. A lot happened before or after Full Moon Fever. Many folks will have something special that had TP with or without The Heartbreakers as a soundtrack. Not necessarily the backseat boogie thing, but hey. For me for instance it's really simple. TP stands for the first song that I ever heared on Rockcast. Quite literally, I had just downloaded a suspiciously big Mp3. That later turned out to be Rockcast Mar 6th 2007. I seriously wanted to listen to the full set, but got stuck in Zero From Outer Space. Some twenty or so replays after I was an Rockcast addict. Yeah, that and Arrested For Driving While Blind totally convinced me that there was some new territory to discover. A podcast, the cool new thing. Man, time is surely flyin.

Back to Mr. TP. Two more for beore and after. He was terrific before: Too Much Ain't Enough - TP & The Heartbreakers (1978) and after: Mudclutch - Bootleg Flyer (2011). He wrote or co-wrote songs that I can sing along to if you wake me up at 2 am: Zombie Zoo, Love Is A Long (Long) Road, Learning To Fly. And he created one of the great phrases of the lte 20th Century. Come on, of course, it's a rebel without a clue! Even I couldn't describe myself better than this. Or take "my sister got lucky, married a yuppie, took him for all he was worth, now she's a swinger dating a singer and I can't decide which is worse". Is that cynical and naive at the same time, or what?

The man was a true genius. Only with I Won't Back Down, well the late Johhny Cash stole the crown. But that also happened to Depeche Mode and U2. You can't beat the charm of the perishing giant. So? In my view a big tip to the Rockcast cap is due to Mr. Tom Petty. He sure was A Mind With A Heart of It's Own. And hey

Let's all keep Free Fallin, Running Down A Dream or two and doin the Wilbury Twist every once in a while


P.S. 13th Floor Elevators are back. Cool. Did I ever tell you that you're still crazy after all these years? What, not again? Aw, come on...

Big AL said...

ah Dino, Well said! Yes indeed there is a TP and the HBs tribute coming up. I started listening and figured I would do my 25 favorite songs from Tom. When it was over I had 75 songs. Each one has a memory attached to it for me. I had not realized how much Tom petty had become part of the soundtrack of my life. He is truly one of the American treasures of the later 20th century. I think once people listen they will realize this also. My sincere condolences to his family. I mourn and will miss him. Thanks for listening for so long. Time does fly when rockin the free world. ;)