Friday, January 27, 2017

Rockcast Friday.01.27.17a; Roxette, Big Wreck, New Pornographers, Stephen Pearcy, Hall and Oates, Just Brothers, Walter Egan, Bad Company, Blue Oyster Cult, The Clash, Kiss, Mike and The Mechanics, Grateful Dead, Manfred Mann, The Woggles

  What a dolt I have been thinking the automatic publishing
feature would do it's job at the specified time. It worked up
until we got newbies in D.C. coincidence? Hmmmmm. No
seriously, You have to be careful what kind of jokes you tell
in todays political climate. Staying on point, I shall do all
publishing in real time from now on. Some things are just
best done by hand. Now enjoy.

1. National Lampoon Players - California Hot Tub
2. Roxette - Crush On You
3. Big Wreck - You Don't Even Know
4. New Pornographers - High Ticket Attraction
5. Stephen Pearcy - I Know I'm Crazy
6. Hall and Oates - Winged Bull
7. Just Brothers - Sliced Tomatoes
8. Walter Egan - I'd Rather Have Fun
9. Walter Egan - Where's The Party
10. Bad Company - Knapsack/ Burning Sky
11. Blue Oyster Cult - R U Ready 2 Rock
12. The Clash - 1977
13. Kiss - God Gave Rock and Roll To You
14. Mike and The Mechanics - The Road
15. Grateful Dead - Cold Rain and Snow
16. Manfred Mann - Do Wah Diddy Diddy
17. The Woggles - Tempo Tantrum

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Dear Big AL,

R U Ready 2 Rock? Sounds like the Rockcast mantra to me. They really go through school years without BOC today? No smart phone can make up for that. Late I am again and sorry I'm again, Yoda says. Another very fruit-bearing year to you! Ok, only ten months left, but ey, better than nothing.

Danko Jones on Rockcast, that was something. And Walter Egan! By the way, can anybody resist singing along to Nutbush City Limits and still be a Rockcaster? Anyway, thank you, that version of Baby Get It on is simply top notch, over and out. do you know the Vintage Trouble cover? If you find the time, type Vintage Trouble - Baby Get It On (Cover Ike & Tina Turner) Live in London Moshcam into Utube. Ty Taylor's intro is great. That's how you introduce a song.

And if you - like me- believe that sex and dancing are close siblings (if not twins) try Vintage Trouble / Baby Baby - Get It On - Reina Hidalgo & Ty Taylor Live at Tar Pit / Los Angeles. Horrible sound but show me a white girl who can move like that without beeing cheap. She reminds me of ELO, when I thought it's "you're lookin good just like a snake in a dress" and that made me think that I'm nuts, because I somehow liked that picture. Okay, it's really "you're lookin good just like a snake in the grass". I went down the wrong turn, but yet a colourful picture. Solid mondegreen fun.

Maybe I have something for you. You seemed to like the european attempt at the Rock. Do you know the band Kaleo? Yes? Ok, Way Down We Go is a bit overblown. But hey, they are from Iceland, how would you feel that close to vulcanos? The song No Good is quite something. That doesn't mean a thing and you heard pretty much everything I guess. But hey, it's only Rock 'n' Roll and I like it!

Before I start again about that you just can't play Sam & Dave after EoDM, let's just say few can pull it off. Hats off!

Keep on rockin The US 2.0 and the rest of the world


P.S. Office Boy is an incredible earworm. Just reading Bonde Do Rolle made me go bo-bo-bo-bo-bo--bo-bo-bo-bo-bo--bo-bo-bo-bo-bo-boy. Ten years after! Gringo loco? I plead guilty.