Monday, November 07, 2016

Rockcast Monday.11.07.16a; Struts, Eddie vedder, Frank Zappa, Alice Cooper, North mississippi Allstars, Savoy Brown, Sting, Police, Jeremy and The Harlequins, Southern Culture On The Skids, Hall and Oates, Strfkr, Mother Love Bone

Finnally the crap campaigns are finished. So go vote. It's
a toss up in my opinion. Either way it's We the People who
will get the shaft . So lets rock this place loudly as it may be
the "end  of the world as we know it" as my Wife has been
walking around singing all day. If that's the case, What's the
frequency Kenneth? Turn it up!

1. Struts - Could Of Been Me [Chicago Cub Mix]
2. Eddie Vedder - All The Way
3. Frank Zappa - If I were President/ God Bless America
4. Alice Cooper - Elected [Rockcast Mix]/ Freedom
5. North Mississippi Allstars- Jumpercable Blues
6. Savoy Brown - Leaving Again
7. Sting - Petrol Head
8. Police - Fall Off
9. Jeremy and The Harlequins - Into The Night
10. Southern Culture On The Skids - Dirt Road
11. Hall and Oates - Love Out Loud
12. Strfkr - Tape Machine
13. Mother Love Bone - Come Bite The Apple

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