Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Rockcast Wednesday.11.18.15a; Def Leppard, Winery Dogs, Pete Yorn, Quireboys, Brother Cane, Cars, Rolling Stones, Bryan Adams, Half Moon Run, Shadows Of Knoght, Motobunny, Electric Light Orchestra, Coldplay, Margot and The Nuclear So and So's, Walk The Moon, Jess and The Ancient Ones

  My heart goes out to the folks of France. Senseless violence.
Rocherfonte salue France. Tu es dans nos prieres.

1. Def Leppard - Rock On
2. Winery Dogs - How Long
3. Pete Yorn - Summer Was A Day
4. Pete Yorn - Life On A Chain
5. Quireboys - I Love This Dirty Town
6. Brother Cane - Make Your Play
7. Cars - It's All I Can Do
8. Rolling Stones - Doo Doo Doo Doo Doo [Heartbreaker]
9. Bryan Adams - Thunderbolt
10. Half Moon Run - Turn Your Love On
11. Shadows Of Knight - Interview/ Potato Chip/ I Got My Mojo Workin'
12. Motobunny - Let's Go Out
13. Electric Light Orchestra - Ain't It A Drag
14. Coldplay - Adventure Of A Lifetime
15. Margot and The Nuclear So and So's - All Through The Night
16. Walk The Moon - Shut Up and Dance
17. Jess and The Ancient Ones - Im Levitating Secret Dreams

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Dear Big AL,

man, times are getting... Let's say strange. Murderously strange. I feel a kind of hatred creeping up, that I thought of as long forgotten. Seems it just hid itself a bit. But enough of that. How about un Rockcast Francais? That would be something new!

No, I'm not talking Plastic Bertrand again or Jean Michel Jarre. God Forbid! But music from France, funny extra nobody understands a word. Suggestions? As it happens... Eiffel - Sous Ton Aile (Popock, cool), Hemmett - Regarde Moi Encore (good time stuff) or Marine Moreno - Heroine (Metal Pop).

And as always a forth of the three, my favourite. Nagas - Cafe Noir. Now that's a Rockpop song, Cowabunga. (all on Utube for a check, of course) If you check French Rock there I'm pretty sure, you'll find a lot more. Good stuff from the land of the bagguette, vine, femme fatale and lately tragically senseless murder. But it would be so unfrench to give in or give up, believe me, they'll never even consider that.

Salut and keep on rockin the remains of the free world