Friday, October 30, 2015

Rockcast Halloween 15; Richard Burton, Jeff Wayne, Billy Thorpe, Rolling Stones, Richard Obrien, W.A.S.P, King Diamond, Cradle Of Fith, Donovan, Primus, Aqua, Celtic Frost, Steve Miller Band, The Birthday Party, Pop Evil, Groovie Ghoulies, Smithereens, Christopher Lee, Hollywood Vampires, Tito and Tarantula, Asleep At The Wheel, Necromantrix, American Dog, Southern Culture On The Skids, Thin White Rope, Screamin' Jay Hawkins, Redwalls, Ozzy Osbourne

1. Jeff Wayne - The Eve Of War [Featuring Sir Richard Burton]
2. Billy Thorpe - Children Of The Sun
3. Rolling Stones - Paint It Black
4. Richard O'Brien - Science Fiction Double Feature [Big AL 40 Mix]
5. W.A.S.P - Chainsaw Charlie [Murder At The New Morgue]
6. W.A.S.P -  Saturday Night Is All Right For Fightin'
7. King Diamond - Halloween
8. Cradle Of Filth - Devil Woman
9. Donovan - Season Of The Witch
10. Primus - What's New Scooby Doo?
11. Aqua - Halloween
12.Celtic Frost - Danse Macabre [Rockcast Style]
13. Steve Miller Band - Abracadabra [Round and Round]
14. The Birthday Party - Release The Bats
15. Pop Evil - Ghost Of Muskegon
16. Groovie Ghoulies - Running With Bigfoot
17. Smithereens - Blood and Roses
18. Christopher Lee - The Last Vampire
19. Hollywood Vampires - Raise The Dead
20.Tito and Tarantula - After Dark/ Angry Cockroaches
22. Necromantix - Trick Or Treat
23. American Dog - House Of 1000 Corpses
24. Southern Culture On The Skids - Undertaker
25. Thin White Rope - Valley Of The Bones
26. The Redwalls - Hangman
27. Ozzy Osbourne - Mr. Crowley [Featuring Dean Winchester and Crowley]

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Anonymous said...

Simply Amazing! You are the Master of Darkness tonight!