Thursday, April 23, 2015

Rockcast Thursday.04.23.15a; Barry Goudreau, The Hollies, Gary O, 10cc, Whitesnake, Breaking Benjamin, John Lodge, Moody Blues, Bad Company, Charlie, Low Cut Connie, Quireboys, Sammy Hagar, Blasters, Mumford and Son

  Man my Wife got caught by the old red light camera, again.
Only a week after my son ran a red light in the same little burb
and I received a ticket in the mail in my name because he was
driving a car in my name. Red light cameras have been banned
in Houston and most of the burbs except for Humble. [Texas pro-
nounciation ; "Umble"] H town has more big dollar lawyers hence
no cameras. When you get the ticket they send you to a site with the
evidence. You can watch yourself blow through red lights. [Everyone
who sees the video of themselves always remember the event.]
The problem with the cameras is they violate your constitutional right
to confront your accuser. Although it was a right turn on a red light
which she can do but you must come to a stop first like a yield.
I know its making the little burb money I figured because the cameras
go off with a flash recording both stills and video of your offense.
Then I find out it's run by a company out of Europe and they make
the lions share of the profits. That is unacceptable, it's gotta go.
Texas Legislative body has a bill attempting to make cameras illegal
in the state. Which is probably the only thing that will stop Humble.
People voted no for cameras in the county. They went dark for a few
months before the burbs lawyers figured a way around it. Use to be
you could say the people have spoken. Not anymore.

1. Barry Goudreau and Brad Delp - Mean Woman Blues
2. The Hollies - Pay You Back With Interest
3. Gary O' - Pay You Back With Interest
4. 10 cc - Bus Stop
5. Whitesnake - Stormbringer
6. Breaking Benjamin - Angels Fall
7. John Lodge - 10,000 Light Years Ago
8. Moody Blues - I'm Just A Singer In A Rock and Roll Band
9. Bad Company - Feel Like Making Love [Big AL Stone Cold Mix]
10. Charlie - Johnny Hold Back
11. Low Cut Connie - Who The Hell Is Tina/ Shake It Little Tina
12. Quireboys - Out Of Your Mind
13. Sammy Hagar - Halfway To Memphis
14. Blasters - Blue Shadow
15. Mumford and Sons - The Wolf

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Chris said...

Thanks for the Gary O' (good ol' Canadian boy, right there), Big Al. Might you be so inclined to include either Mr. O's 'Shades of 45' or 'Get It While You Can' in a future RockCast?

Keep rockin', sir.