Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Rockcast Halloween '14; Aqua, Concrete Blonde, Electric Light Orchestra, Sonics, Alice Cooper, Rob Zombie, Dubstep Monsters, Uncle Kracker and Busta Rhymes, Hollywood Undead, Mtthew Sweet and Susanna Hoffs, The Cramps, The Ghouls, Johhny Otis, Eric Burdon and The Animals, Rocky Horror Cast, Michael Jackson, Deep Purple

Play this loudly and impress your friends. Per serving
less calories than candy, but then again this is candy,
for your ears! Happy Halloween my friends.                                                        

1. Aqua - Halloween
2. Concrete Blonde - Bloodletting [The Vampire Song] [Big ALcula Mix]
3. Electric Light Orchestra - Secret Messages
4. Sonics - Psycho
5. Alice Cooper - The Underture/Welcome To My Nightmare
6. Rob Zombie - I'm Your Boogie Man
7. Dubstep Monsters - Freaks Come Out At Night Dubstep
8. Uncle Kracker with Busta Rhymes - Freaks Come Out At Night
9. Hollywood Undead - Day Of The Dead
10. The Cramps - Zombie Dance
11. The Ghouls - Draculas Duece
12. Johnny Otis - Cast My Spell
13. Eric Burdon and The Animals - Run For Your Life
14. Rocky Horror Picture Show Cast - The Time Warp [Big AL Style]
15. Michael Jackson - Thriller [Rockcast Mix 12]
16. Deep Purple - Vincent Price

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