Friday, October 17, 2014

Rockcast Friday.10.16.14a; Saliva, Whitford St. Holmes, Aerosmith, Mooney Suzuki, Stevie Nicks, Blind Melon, Baby Woodrose, War, Joe Walsh, Ok Go, Boozoo Bajou, Tony Joe White, Lack Of Afro, Mason Casey, Meatloaf

 One from the "did you get dressed in the dark"category.
I got up yesterday like any day. Put on my clothes and went
about my business for the day. At the end of the day I came
Home and proceeded to my room to change. As I was passing
the bathroom I happened to glance to my right into the mirror
over the sink. That's when I noticed it. A white tube sock was
hanging out of my waistband in the back. I had interacted with
about 50 people through out the day and not one person said
a thing. Plus it was obvious I had a tube sock hanging out the
back of my pants like a tail. Then again maybe they all thought
I was making a fashion statement. Latest craze, sock tails. So if
you see someone with a sock hanging out like a tail walk up to
them and say "hey trendsetter, it's been done". Another Oh Doh
moment. Enjoy the set, loudly.

Rockcast while driving is safe

1. Saliva - Redneck Freakshow
2. Whitford St. Holmes - Shy Away
3. Aerosmith - Oh Yeah
4. Mooney Suzuki - Hot Sugar
5. Stevie Nicks - Watch Chain
6. Blind Melon - For My Friends
7. Baby Woodrose - Third Eye Surgery
8. War - Lowrider [87 Remix]
9. Joe Walsh - Happy Ways
10. Ok Go - The Writing On The Wall
11. Boozoo Bajou - Keep Going
12. Tony Joe White - Polk Salad Annie
13. Lack Of Afro - The Outsider
14. Mason Casey - Nine Times A Man
15. Meatloaf - Rock and Roll Dreams Come Through

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Dear Big AL,

that's funny, somehow reminds me of "I got a girl she lives cross town..." That was the Tube Sock Boogie, right? Hm, no... Anyway, have an unusual request. In fact - tada - not a suggestion, but we need a referee. Or I do. It's on a dispute about a cover and I don't know where to turn to. You're the only real expert I know. It all started with a cover I found on UTube about a month ago. Melted Messiah - Children Of The Revolution. So far 104 replays. (well, twenty may be mine)

Everybody says I finally gone crazy, it's just a fucked up demo. Dime in a dozen stuff. But I think the cheesy casio and the distorted guitar is a perfect minimal attempt for that song. The voice, okay just from the left and croaky, hm, agreed. Yet the distortied guitar and the very simple drum programming get me every time. You played a very decent Scorpions cover a few years ago, a sophisticated one, not just a carcass. But damn, that carcass rocks says Dino but everybody else says different.

Okay, no more Dino hogwash. In short, if you find the time, please check the track. You said once it mostly takes you about twenty seconds to judge a song correctly. So if you would spend that twenty and an additional ten for a yes or no answer, that would be very nice. Or play a few seconds of Clutch - Electric Worry for thumbs up or a few seconds of Paul Kelly - Dumb Things for thumbs down in one of the next sets. Thanks in advance!

Hey, and ALT-J - Left Hand Free is one of the best songs you... no, not again. I definitely need something new. That song is wicked cool, even given Rockcast standards. Cowabunga. Like Swamp Thing, Plakattack or Screenwriter's Blues and and and. Seriously, where do you find all that stuff? Hey, for me it's easy - I find it on Rockcast.

Keep on rocking the free world