Thursday, September 18, 2014

The Songs That Made Elvis Elvis

The Songs That Made Elvis ELVIS

1. Intro Viva Elvis [Also Sprach Zarathustra]
2. Burning Love [Viva Mix 2010]
3.  A Little Less Conversation [JXL remix 2002]
4. Jailhouse Rock [Originally released 1957]
5. Good Rocking Tonight [1954]
6. That's All Right Mama [Viva Rockcast Mix 2014]
7. Little Sister [1961 45 rpm Single]
8. Viva Las Vegas [True Stereo Mix 1963]
9. Guitar Man [1967]
10. Kentucky Rain [1969]
11. Got A Lot Of Livin' To Do [1957]
12. Blue Suede Shoes [Originally released 1954]
13. Heartbreak Hotel [Originally released 1966 ]
14. King Creole [Originally released 1958]
15. Suspicious Minds [Viva Rockcast Mix 2014]
16. In The Ghetto [1969]
17. Steamroller Blues [Live Memphis 1974]
18. My Baby Left Me [Live Memphis 1974]
19. Polk Salad Annie [Live Memphis 1974]
20. Bossa Nova Baby [Viva Mix 2014]
21. End Theme


    Proof Elvis is alive?!


Big AL said...

Actually it's Elvis impersonator Steve Baudo. One of the best in the business. Enjoy the set.

Regis Kneebis said...

Fantastic set! I can really hear how he influenced the likes of John Lennon. That screaming rock n roll sounds. You sir are the master. Thank you

jdinbama said...

Big Al - Never mind about my comments on the iTunes feed not working. Seems Apple decided I wasn't smart enough to manage my own podcast feeds, so they included an "enhancement" in the latest version of iTunes. All seems to be working now. Loved the Elvis show. Incidentally, "Little Sister" is not from Elvis' 1st album, as you mentioned in this episode, but is a single from 1961. :) Thanks for the great show !!

Big AL said...

Thanks JD Yes you are correct about Little Sister. The person responsible for giving the false information has been sacked. Nice to hear from you. Thanks for listening and callin me on the bad intel.

jdinbama said...

No sweat, Big Al. You know us music trivia geeks - always havin' to show off our knowledge. :)

Anonymous said...

All I can say is, Thank You Thank You very Much, You know what I Mean? I Think Ya Do.

Anonymous said...

picture is hilarious Big