Wednesday, December 04, 2013

Rockcast Wednesday.12.04.13a; Hall & Oates, Lifeguard Nights, Offspring, Awolnation, Billy Joe & Nora, Blood Orange, The Makers, Lucious Jackson, The Faint, Jetbone, Elvis Presley, Lady Gaga, The Replacements, The Posies, Rick Springfield

You would think after many many years of interaction with the fairer
sex I would learn to keep my foot out of my mouth. Here's advice for
young stoopid guys. Remember this, If your significant other starts to
talk smack about one of their siblings you keep your mouth shut. Just
nod and repeat. Never agree with them verbally or offer up your two
cents worth. That is unless you want to be the next target of the verbal
assault. It's okay if she wants to trash her lazy brother but not you.
You just nod and repeat. And remember, testosterone makes men do
stupid things all the time. Estrogen makes Women never forget it.
Be cool, let's rock.


1. Hall and Oates - Room To Breathe
2. Lifeguard Nights - The Kids Ain't Alright
3. The Offspring - The Kids Aren't Alright
4. Awolnation - Thiskidsnotalright
5. Billy Joe and Nora - Roving Gambler
6. Blood Orange - You're Not Good Enough
7. The Makers - Shout Out My Brothers
8. Lucious Jackson - Yeah Yeah No No
9. The Faint - Glass Dance
10. Jetbone - Ain't It A Shame
11. Elvis Presley - Good Rockin' Tonight [Remix]
12. Lady Gaga - Gypsy
13. The Replacements - Go
14. The Posies - Dream All Day Long
15. Rick Springfield - One Way Street


Anonymous said...

Dear Big AL,

so true. Every time I hear "That stoopid no good gay friend of yours" coming from my wife I pretend to be deaf. Because any comment is wrong. It's like suddenly noticing that you're wearing a red sweater on a planet mission in Star Trek.

Also true, the elderly kid is not all right. If you thought where did he go, well, he went to doctors. I know it's nothing compared to a melanoma, but finally my age has caught up with me. For some weeks I had a bad cold that wouldn't go away. My wife wanted me to see the doctor, but I just said that given time it'll go away by itself. Then I had a bad belly for some days. My wife desperately wanted me to see the doctor, but I just said that belly aches come and go. Only mine didn't go. Then my skin started to get a yellowish tinge. My wife urged me to see a doctor. I wanted to say something stoopid again, but she hit me on the head.

So I went to the surgery and the doctor told me, I should have come weeks ago. That's what they always say, like that I have to lose weight and all that, but after some tests he also told me something about a serious infection. I have to take pills, that's the easy part and to "moderately adjust my lifestyle". Hey, I saw that! No laughing, this is serious! But yes, you guessed it. Low cholesterol, low fat, low sugar... Yet hey, I can drink all I want - provided it is water or herb tea. But no coffee and as for any kind of alcohol "not a single drop". Hooray. (Further negotiations brought me half a pint a day. Have you ever tried to drink half a pint? Hilarious. And agreed, I'm short, but a half-pint? Really? No. So nothing it is.)

On the other hand, there's some comedy in it. For instance after work at the pub. Everybody orders a drink and you just say: soda for me and no ice, no lemon. All eyes are on you and then some people start to grin. Don't even try to explain, that'll only make it worse. Only thing to do is dream of a nice hot cup of fennel tea while they ruin their livers. Wait a minute, did I just write nice hot cup of fennel tea? Man, the body snatchers have replaced me and even I didn't notice. Anyway it's not forever, just for some months, maybe a year. Hooray again.

With music I'm still working on project not a Boogie shall pass by me. Recent favourites Smokin' Joe Kubek & Bnois King - I Aint't Greasin, Studebaker John - Tumblin' Down The Road and Kilborn Alley Blues Band - Rents House Boogie. Chicago 2, Texas 1 and yeah, the rent (still) is too damn high. Or R.L. Burnside & Jon Spencer Blues Explosion - Let My Baby Ride. Punk Blues, you played Petit Vodo once, somehow in that direction, with a shot of dub.

Bottom line, you know the 27 club, hey, I'm twice as old and still here. Like you. All in all, not so bad, just some bumps in the road. So what? Me worry? And hey, while I'm on my way turning from Popa Chubby to Slim Jim Phantom Rockcast is on.

Keep on rockin the free world (and don't forget to Boogie)


Big AL said...

Aww Dino! Sorry to hear you are on the mend. Have to take care of yourself. [Where else I'm I going to get "red shirt on an away mission references.] And don't feel bad about not drinking. Here in America we call those guys the designated driver!Best on your recovery my friend.

Anonymous said...

Dear Big AL,

oops, almost missed it, sorry. Thanks, In the end I took the half pint, recalibrated it to red wine and now have one really small glass after dinner. Not that much of a problem, even with the really good stuff it saves some money. Yup, Thunderbird days are over. If you excuse me now, I need a glass of cough syrup... Naw, just jokin.


Dino said...

Dear Big AL,

oops, I almost forgot. Sorry and thanks. I'm doing fine. In the end I accepted the half pint, recalibrated it to fine red wine and have a small glass after dinner. And that's it. Bob got the whisky, my wife the gin and the port. Thunderbird days are over. But that's no big deal. If you excuse me now, I need a glass of cough syrup... Naw, just jokin. It was like it was and now it is like it is. See Rockcast, by the way, Never Lookin Back. (Cool song, seriously, after some forty years still nothing better than full-figured Blues Rock with talking guitar)


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