Monday, August 05, 2013

The Music Of J. J. Cale

The Songs and Music Of J. J. Cale
1. After Midnight [Live 2001]
2. Call Me The Breeze [Naturally 1971]
3. Travelin' Light [Troubadour 1976]
4. Magnolia [Naturally 1971]
5. Cajun Moon [Okie 1974]
6. Ride Me High [Troubadour 76]
7. I'm A Gypsy Man [Troubadour 76]
8. Let Me Do It To You [Troubadour 1976, Digital Copy 2013]
9. Hey Baby [Troubadour 1976]
10. Bring Down The Curtain [Roll On 2009]
11. Waymore Blues [Rewind The Unreleased Recordings 2007]
12. Carry On [Shades 1981]
13. Cocaine [Troubadour 1976]
14. Guitar Man [Guitar Man 1996]
15. Doctor Told Me [Guitar Man 1996]
16. Does Your Mama Like Reggae? [Grasshopper 1982]
17. One Step Ahead Of The Blues [Grasshopper 1982]
18. Katy Kool Lady [Out Of Style] [Five 1979]
19. Last Will and Testament [With Eric Clapton] [On The Road To Escondido 2006]
20. Roll On [Roll On 2009]


Anonymous said...

Amazing . Yes it is possible Dino to miss someone, a friend in deed you never met. Thanks Big I am ordering the JJ Cale digital loads. He is as you said in the past one of the great American song writer, story tellers of the late 20th century. His music will live on.


Chris said...

No J.J. Cale list would be complete without 'Thirteen Days' from 1979's '5', in my humble opinion. Thanks for a great set, Big Al.

Anonymous said...

Hello Benny,

thank you. Make sure to save this Rockcast. Not only that Big AL really did it again, Katy Cool Lady didn't show up on the CD version of 5 and I don't know if it's on digital downloads. Not his best song, maybe not essential, but a big pain if you don't have it. And I agree on Thirteen Days, migrant worker on the road, he really knew what he was singing about with this one. And there are more good songs, but if the man played my essential Cale, that would be the first six hour Rockcast. Anybody but say three or four people in the Rockcast audience would be sound asleep halfway through.

Funny thing, when I read that donations should go to your favourite local animal shelter, it made me think of Old Blue. I always wondered if Blue was that harmony singing dog from Clyde with the tambourine tied to his tail. That line always made me smile. That picture comes up, every time I hear the name Cale, even if it's John Cale. Cruelty to the dog in real life, I know, but the picture is simply great.

Hey and for those with the vinyl version of Okie and big bad old stereo speakers (and no fancy subwoofer dwarf stuff): Fire up the amp and play Crying really loud. It doesn't really seem to get louder, but notice the cups dance on the shelves. And it's the only song in which you hear J.J. laugh out loud. That's because he knew that if you don't turn it down fast the neighbors will soon have pitchforks and torches ready.


Big AL said...

I agree with you Bitter, I could of gone on for a couple more hours.