Friday, June 14, 2019

Rockcast friday.06.14.19a; Pretenders, Mitch Ryder, Racontuers, Todd Rundgren, Mooney Suzuki, MilkShakes, Paul McCartney, Dandy Warhols, Kiss, Jackie and The Starlites, Frank Zappa, Mick Ronson Band, Monkees, Dominic Hauser, Powerglove, Eddie and The Falcons, Electric Light Orchestra

1. Pretenders - Message Of Love
2. Mitch Ryder - Cool Jerk
3. Racontuers - Shine The Light [On Me]
4. Todd Rundgren - Buy My T
5. Mooney Suzuki - Electric Sweat
6. Milkshakes - Wanderlust
7. Paul McCartney - Nothing For Free [DJ Chris Holmes Mix]
8. Dandy Warhols- Smoke It
9. Kiss - Domino
10. Jackie and The Starlites - Valarie
11. Frank Zappa - Valarie
12. Mick Ronson Band F- Amy Winehouse - Valerie
13. Monkees - Valleri [Big AL Live Garage Mix]
14. Dominic Hauser - Adventures Of Jonny Quest
15. Powerglove - Real Adventures Of
16. Eddie and The Falcons - Crazy Jeans
17. Electric Light Orchestra - Baby I Apologize 


Anonymous said...

Dear Big AL,

what a set. Agent Romanoff, you missed me? Good as ever, no even better! That stoopid auto correct drives me mad. I have to check and recheck every second word. So if something reads like fbkrhfbll don*t think twice. Ahem, where was I? Oh, yes Rockcast. Still the best Rock Show on the whole damn planet! The evolution of Valerie was something. Jackie & The Starlites, never heared of them before. And The Monkees. And the Jonny Quest Theme. My favourite was Eddie & The Falcons. Come on, you know I*m a sucker for Rockabilly.


Anonymous said...

P.S. who*s the man on the sleeve? Is it AL Mayall? AL van Zandt? Weird AL Yancowaric?

Big AL said...

Always great to hear from you Dino. I have some great rock a billy surprises coming up ! Thanks for listening in all these years!

Big AL said...

As far as the cover, that is yours truly 40 years ago as an art school student when I started Left Handed Armadillo Studio. Which is about to celebrate 40 years on Nov.10.