Friday, July 07, 2017

Rockcast Friday.07.07.17a; Bob Seger, Venus Lips, Levon Helm and The R.C.O Allstars, Foreigner, Fitz and The Tantrum, Cheap Trick, Harry Nilsson, Matthew Sweet, Cage The Elephant, Junior Brown with The Beach Boys, Infant Sorrow, You Me and Everyone We Know, Ratboy, Triumph, Bleachers

1.  Bob Seger - Katmandu
2. Venus Lips - Texan Rock
3. Levon Helm and The R.C.O Allstars - Havana Moon
4. Levon Helm and The R.C.O Allstars - Milk Cow Blues
5. Foreigner - Starrider [Acoustic Unplugged]
6. Fitz and The Tantrum - Fool
7. Cheap Trick - You Got It Going On
8. Harry Nilsson - 1941
9. Matthew Sweet - Off The Farm/ Entangled
10. Cage The Elephant - Sweetie Little Jean
11. Junior Brown and The Beach Boys - 409
12. Infant Sorrow - Bangers Beans and Mash
13. You Me and Everyone We Know - Build Me Up Buttercup
14. Ratboy - Laid Back
15. Triumph - Hold On
16. Bleachers - I Miss Those Days

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Anonymous said...

Dear Big AL,

Video killed ... It didn't. Hello, Sir! With a time lag of about a year it's me again. Im still at Rockcast 21 from 2016. Agreed, nothing to be proud of, but I have some stuff to deal with. And I need time for each and every Rockcast. And too much Rockcast would recently mean stack overflow. But anyway, here comes a short note for the same reason that drove me to the keybord ten years ago. It's a cryin shame nobody says anything about this outstanding podcast. Even a solid mockery would do. But silence, silence and silence again? That's simply unworthy and ungrateful.

So in replacement of someone actually listening to your newest editions: Still great. Still better than about 90% of the others. Up on the hill, while the others are still climbing. Better, Stronger, Faster, Harder. Hm, okay, that's enough. But that reminds me, I detect an awful lack of OMD lately. But no, no suggestions. Back to the show. Come on, who plays Martha & The Muffins nowadyas. Or who would play Grand Funk - Flight Of The Phoenix? That first made me think of Deep Purple. But no, it's from Michigan. Some folks from there seem to be gifted.

Throw me out if I get on your nerves. If not thank you falletinme be mice elf again and keep on rockin the free world


P.S. now that I'm finished I see somebody commented on the Magical Mystery Rockcast. Made me go like: Shit. What? Rollers. No. Yeah. Shit. Since I'm too lazy to chage evreything to ignorants minus one: Jack the Knife, I salute you.