Friday, March 17, 2017

Rockcast Friday.03.17.17a; Sky Bombers, Shins, Bedlam, Jake Clemons, Benjamin Booker, John Lennon, Chuck Berry, Beatles, Electric Light Orchestra, Doobie Brothers, Hot Tuna, Bellamy Brothers, Tubes, Fratellis

  Even after the election didn't turn out the way the majority
of voters wanted I have to admit it has been entertaining and
deeply disturbing at the same time. On one hand you have some
of the best political comedy and satire in years. On the other
it's like watching an incredibly horrifying reality show filled
with Russian spies and hookers, nazis and wingnuts everywhere.
 What will the candied yam commander do next? I find myself
tuning in to see the next outrage. It's like rubbernecking a car
wreck. you just have to look.

1. Sky Bombers - Always Complaining
2. The Shins - Half A Million
3. Bedlam - Magic Carpet Ride [Rockcast Remix]
4. Jake Clemons - You Must Be Crazy
5. Benjamin Booker - Spoonful
6. John Lennon - Sweet Little Sixteen
7. Chuck Berry - My Ding A Ling
8. Chuck Berry - Johnny B Goode
9. Chuck Berry - School Days [Ring Ring Goes The Bell]
10. Chuck Berry - Roll Over Beethoven
11. Beatles - Roll Over Beethoven
12. Electric Light Orchestra - Roll Over Beethoven [Big AL Mix II 13]
13. Electric Light Orchestra - When I Was A Boy
14. Doobie Brothers - Echoes Of Love [Rockcast Mix]
15. Hot Tuna - Keep On Truckin'
16. Bellamy Brothers - Let Your Love Flow
17. The Tubes White Punks On Dope
18. Fratellis - Chelsea Dagger

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