Friday, February 10, 2017

Rockcast Friday.02.10.17a; The Heavy, Conquerors, Barefoot Jerry, Popa Chubby, Fatcat, Elton John, Foxygen, Queen, Nervebenders, Scott Walker, John C Reilly, Foghat, Jackyl, Status Quo, Black Star Riders

  Man o man the country is in a mess. The likes I have never
seen before and I lived through the Nixon years. Ex generals
lying about getting cozy with the Russians is but the tip of the
iceberg. Fake news is everywhere. Calling it alternative facts
is only a fancy way of not saying it's a lie. If not the truth it
is a lie. Period. The gov'ment seems more interested in feuding
via social media with the cast of Saturday night live than getting
to work on our problems. One positive gleamed from the situation
is that the pundits and comedians have no shortage of material to
work with on a hourly basis. I have found myself tuning into the
lame stream media more than usual just to see what the man who
looks like he sleeps in a Cheetos bag is up to. If you like it or not
he is the man at large and in charge for the next three years eleven
months at the very least. He won the job and I would like to see
him succeed but not at the expense of the poor and legal immigrants
and minorities. Every new report is another step backwards. We're
taking so many steps backwards, already it looks like we are all

1. The Heavy - WTF
2. Conquerors - Turn Me To Stone
3. Barefoot Jerry - Watchin' TV [With The Radio On]
4. Barefoot Jerry - Pig Snoots and Red Nehi
5. Popa Chubby - C'mon In My Kitchen
6. Fatcat - Bomb The Beauty
7. Elton John - Tiny Dancer [Rockcast Mix]
8. Foxygen - On Lankershim
9. Queen - Flick Of The Wrist [On Air Live Mix]
10. Nervebenders - Hijack The Radio
11. Scott Walker - 30th Century Man
12. John C Reilly - Let Me Hold You Little Man
13. Foghat - Sara Lee
14. Jackyl - Just Because I'm Drunk
15. Status Quo - Spinning Wheel Blues
16. Black Star Riders - Heavy Fire

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