Thursday, June 23, 2016

Rockcast Thursday.06.23.16a; Paul McCartney, 10 CC, Michael Franti and Spearhead, Jake Bugg, Daughtry, Maybird, Boxtops, Peter Wolf, John 5 and The Creatures, Ruby Boots, Milton Hopkins and Texas Johnny Boy, Sister Sparrow and The Dirty Birds, Candyskins, Dandy Warhols

 The recent Orlando tragedy has really started a fight over guns.
It should be noted something has to be done. Republicans claim
the incident was an act of terrorism because this loser wanna be
had sworn allegiance to the terrorist. Yea, all in an attempt to hide
the fact that he was a twisted little scum who had major questions
about his own sexuality. Due to the intolerance of gays in his so
called culture he had done all he could to try and throw us all off
the track. It didn't work. Neither is republican controlled lame
stream media trying to paint it as something than what it is. This
wasn't random strangers he killed. Most of these people knew him
as a bully loner who hung out in the club and hit on the other gay
men. He had a history of frequenting three other gay establishments
and was known there also to have hit on men. Mental instability due
to confusion over ones sexuality is the reason.  A proper full back-
ground check complete with the feds info would of shown he was on
several list and was under surveillance on several occasions by the
F.B.I That should disqualify anybody from buying a gun. Doesn't
mean they can't get one some other way but it would be a good start.
 My sympathies to all the folks and families of this tragedy. Plus
nobody wants to take your gun away. We should be able to stop
dipstick scumbags from getting their hands on one...legally.
They want one they will get it but lets make it harder to do.

1. Paul McCartney - Too Many People [Big AL Guitar Mix]
2. 10 CC - Rock N Roll Lullaby
3. Michael Franti and Spearhead - Crazy For You
4. Jake Bugg - Bitter Salt
5. Daughtry - Home [Big AL String End Mix]
6. Maybird - Nocturne
7. Boxtops - The Letter
8. Peter Wolf and Mountain Ramblers - Love Stinks
9. John 5 and The Creatures - Hell Haw I.G.R
10. Ruby Boots -- Wrap Me In A Fever
11. Milton Hopkins and Texas Johnny Boy - Hookafied
12. Sister Sparrow and The Dirty Birds - Dr. Feelgood
13. Candyskins - For What It's Worth
14. Dandy Warhols - Semper Fidelis/ Pope Reverend Jim

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Anonymous said...

What if you got a gun already then go nuts. Should they take it away then?