Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Rockcast Wednesday.03.23.16a; Brett Harris, George Harrison, Al Kooper, Shuggie Otis, Chicago, The Floozies, Stevie Wonder, Paul McCartney, The Mavericks, Elephant Stone, 3 Doors Down, Cheap Trick, Jeff Beck, Beatles

 Another Spring another updating of equipment in the studio.
Wires are everywhere but the sound is still happening. Hope
this finds you well. If it is still frozen where you live perhaps
this can provide you with some necessary warmth on an other
wise dreary day. Enjoy loudly as we get nostalgic with just a
taste of the new.

1. Brett Harris - Out Of Rope
2. George Harrison - Old Brown Shoe
3. Al Kooper - The Ballad Of The Hard Rock Kid
4. Al Kooper with Shuggie Otis - Shuggies Shuffle
5. Chicago - Beginnings/ I'm A Man
6. The Floozies - Oh Gawd
7. Stevie Wonder and Paul McCartney - What's That You Doing
8. The Mavericks - What Am I Suppose To Do
9. Elephant Stone - Andromeda
10. 3 Doors Down - In The Dark
11. Cheap Trick - Worlds Greatest Lover
12. Jeff Beck - She's A Woman
13. Beatles - Being For The Benefit Of Mr. Kite

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Anonymous said...

Dear Big AL,

robot, grmbl... Hello, Sir. So now Sir George Martin, another one, huh? Another hero dead and gone. Try to explain the importance of Revolver to a youngster. Or even better, don't. Speaking of heroes, a few days ago my alarm went off "Agent Romanoff, you missed me" like it always does (make your move, reindeer games, that never gets old...) Anyway, I had a coffee and went to change programs on the digital satellite receiver. That didn't work out as planned unless the plan was to drive me crazy. The only station to watch with undistorted sound was from Sweden or Norway and played music videos. After some tries I ran out of curses and took it as a sign. I expected ABBA and Roxette all day long. None of those, also no Baby Woodrose or Thorbjo... Theurbro... you know, the other guy. But a lot of stuff I had never heared before.

Especially one band on heavy rotation was something to wrtite home about. Or in this case to Houston, TX. You know Canadian Rock band Monster Truck? Catchy name, huh? Don't tell Me How To Live should be right up your alley, if I'm not totally mistaken. Made me think of The Golden Days Of Leather, Texas Hippie Coalition and Rockcast, of course. Or have you ever heared of the Dutch band The Common Linnets before? In Your Eyes, a bit like Christine Perfect and Fleetwood Mac. Or do you know Huey And The New Yorkers? With Let My People Go, I instantly remembered the voice. Everlast? No, he was the frontman of the Fun Lovin Criminals.

Every now and then they threw in something for the elderly. Mostly AC/DC, ZZ Top, Bon Jovi or Guns with or without Roses (Velvet Revolver). One song was great, though. Eric Clapton - Got To Get Better (Live at Crossroads). Play that funky music, white boy! Or do you know the band Beige Fish? From Belgium, I think. Their cover of The Same Old Blues rivals Skynyrd's. If you want to check out one, as always they are all on UTube.

Okay, no more blabbering, keep on rockin... that's getting old. Spring is coming! Chewin' at a wythm on my bubble gum, Wockcast is out and I want some (Shonen Knife). Yes, they played that, too.