Friday, January 09, 2015

Rockcast Friday.01.09.15a; Rival Sons, Led Zeppelin, Linkin Park, His Golden Messenger, Stevie Nicks, Benjamin Booker, Gary Clark Jr., Sons Of Texas, California Breed, Supertramp, Wheetus, Gun Hill Road

Make it illegal to wear a hooded sweatshirt. Sounds ridiculous?
It does to me and that's just what is happening in one of the most
ignorant intolerant places in America which shall go unmentioned
in this rant. Why if you wearing a hoody you must be nefarious!
Yes some bad people have worn hoods over the centuries. Robin
Hood and Little Red come to mind. Stupidity and a waste of tax-
payers money. It's winter people want and need to wear hoods.
Now if someone in say July robs a stop n rob shop wearing a
hoody then sure charge them with robbery AND wearing a hoody.
If it was a law here in the great state of Texas then right now I
would be breaking it. Yep wearing a Notre Dame Basketball hoody.
Now there is a shifty bunch of characters. Enjoy Your weekend,
loudly and often.


1. Rival Sons - Open My Eyes
2. Led Zeppelin - Kashmir
3. Linkin Park - Wastelands
4. His Golden Messenger - Saturday Song
5. Stevie Nicks - 24 Carats
6. Benjamin Booker - Violent Shiver
7. Gary Clark Jr. - Catfish Blues
8. Sons Of Texas - Baptized In The Rio Grande
9. California Breed - Sweet Tea
10. Supertramp - Another Mans Woman
11. Wheetus - Teenage Dirtbag
12. Gun Hill Road - Back When My Hair Was Short [Pop Single/Original Dope Mix]

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Anonymous said...

Dear Big AL,

a very late happy new year to you. I haven't got the nerve for Rockcast or louder stuff right now, that's why you don't get stoopid suggestions for songs nobody wants to hear anyway. Seriously, I'm not just late for class, I really have a reason. Or make that double. Good things always come in pairs? Guess what, bad things too. My wife is struggling to beat what almost killed Anastacia. My old friend Bob on the other hand is dealing with... let's call it Zappa's disease. Both diagnosed within days about two months ago. Both cases probably curable, yet a lot of Drivin 'n' Cryin involved. And all the waiting... man, I almost got the hospital hallway blues. But then I made a friend there, a lively young lad brimming with optimism. Funny thing, the other two keep on bitching, he doesn't. And the doctors say he's incurable. What to make out of this? Well, that is another topic for another time.

Keep on rockin the free world