Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Covering the BEATLES; Cheap Trick, Status Quo, The Wallflowers, Leo Sayer, Ian Cussack, Michael Davis, Leif Garret, Heiko Effertz, Santos and Johnny, David Pack, Stereophonics, Paul Westerberg, Eddie Vedder, Aimee Mann and Michael Penn, Tangerine Dream, Hard Drive, Krafty Sleaves, Molly Hatchet, Ben Folds, Albert Lee, Ben Harper, Heather Nova, The Vines, Henry Gross, Bee Gees, London Symphony Orchestra

In trying to pick a set list of covered Beatles songs I found I
have hundreds from many genres to choose from. This list is
my no means exhaustive. I'm sure everybody has their personal
favorites. This is some of mine. Enjoy.

1. Cheap Trick - Magical Mystery Tour
2. Status Quo with The London Symphony Orchestra - Getting Better
3. The Wallflowers - I'm Looking Through You
4. Leo Sayer - I Am The Walrus
5. Ian Cussack - Can't Buy Me Love
6. Michael Davis - Helter Skelter
7. Leif Garret - Birthday
8. Heiko Effertz - Revolution 1
9. Santo and Johnny - Do You Want To Know a Secret
10. David Pack - Day Tripper
11. Srereophonics - Don't Let Me Down
12. Paul Westerberg - Nowhere Man
13. Eddie Vedder - You've Got To Hide Your Love Away
14. Aimee Mann and Michael Penn - Two Of Us
15. Tangerine Dream - Tomorrow Never Knows
16. Hard Drive - I Want To Hold Your Hand
17. Krafty Sleaves - Back In The USSR
18. Molly Hatchet - Back In The USSR
19. Ben Folds - Golden Slumbers
20. Albert Lee - Something
21. Cheap Trick - For The Benefit Of Mr. Kite
22. Ben Harper - Strawberry Fields Forever
23. Heather Nova - We Can Work It Out
24. The Vines - I'm Only Sleeping
25. Henry Gross - Help [Rockcast Mix]
26. Skid Marx - Bee Gees - London Symphony Orchestra - The End


Dino said...

Dear Big AL,

just finished with real listening to the last sets before The Beatles specials. The hate mail turtle incident. I'd suggest if it really bugged you don't stomp and holler. Every man is entitled to his own opinion. But I suspect from the term that there also was a big lack of courtesy involved. In this case I suggest you take the album Roll On and listen to Where The Sun Don't Shine. With a big smile. (a well-programmed drum machine this time)

But the question remains, with Erasure, ZZ Ward, Aloe Black, Terry Dactyl or Needtobreathe is this still Rockcast? I mean the best Rock show on the planet? Let's see, I'm no expert, but I've been around quite a while. Think back, in 2007 we had Freezepop, Boozoo Bajou, Crystal Method, Cornelius Brothers or Suzanne Vega and lots of Rock. Now it's Yllvis, Fitz And The Tantrum, The Three Degrees or Suzanne Vega and lots of Rock. So the answer then as is now is yes. (And it's really nice to know that Suzanna's Still Alive)

I still proudly call myself a Rockcaster and damn sure will keep that up. And if people ask the question what's a Rockcaster? I tell 'em. It's not about drums, heavy guitars and occasional soul, oh no. There's more in it than that, my friend. We all like a bit of the good show - some the music, some the infos, others the intros, the humour or the mixes. But a Rockcaster, oh, he's different. Why? Because a real Rockcaster wants the fucking lot. Still valid.

Hey, and for a good Rock 'n' Roll education and the mistakes. Yes, Terry Dactyl, that's not the Rock. Absolutely true, Jona Lewie is no Axl Rose. But without the Skiffle boom The Quarrymen would have never been formed. You know, the band that eventually became The Rolling Stones and had tremendous hits like Lola or Baba O'Riley. Hehe.

Keep on rocking the free world


Big AL said...

Thanks Dino for the kind words. When I was much younger and would get together with friends we always spun records. After awhile somebody always busted out a platter of strange or something we didn't ordinarily listen to. The result was sometimes hilarious and always entertaining. So I guess I come by the lack of format through years of training. Like the Three Degrees, very cool old Philly soul and when I hear it I still see extra large football players dancing and singing it after a big victory. true that Terry Dactyl was one of those "strange" platters I was talking about. I just like saying Terry Dactyl, and Americans dont know the stoopid song. Yes my friends, Rockcast double O Stupid. Yea the Quarrymen, once married Mama Cass Elliot in a drive by the Cavern Club.[ I'm not that bad...]